The Best and Worst Movies of 1997

'A+' Movies

Face/Off preview
138 min.

'A' Movies

101 Dalmatians preview
103 min.
Amistad preview
152 min.
The Game preview
128 min.
Kiss the Girls preview
111 min.
Liar Liar preview
86 min.
The Rainmaker preview
135 min.

'A-' Movies

Air Force One preview
124 min.
Chasing Amy preview
113 min.
Contact preview
153 min.
Cop Land preview
105 min.
Fools Rush In preview
106 min.
G.I. Jane preview
124 min.
In & Out preview
90 min.
The Jackal preview
124 min.
Kundun preview
128 min.
Mouse Hunt preview
97 min.
The Relic preview
110 min.
Trekkies preview
86 min.

'B+' Movies

Absolute Power preview
121 min.
Boogie Nights preview
152 min.
Breakdown preview
95 min.
Con-Air preview
115 min.
The Edge preview
117 min.
The Full Monty preview
91 min.
Masterminds preview
106 min.
Men in Black preview
98 min.
Murder at 1600 preview
107 min.
Scream 2 preview
120 min.

'B' Movies

The Apostle preview
134 min.
Bean preview
90 min.
Dante's Peak preview
112 min.
Donnie Brasco preview
127 min.
Event Horizon preview
95 min.
Jackie Brown preview
151 min.
Mad City preview
114 min.
Most Wanted preview
99 min.
The Sixth Man preview
107 min.
Turbulence preview
103 min.
U Turn preview
125 min.

'B-' Movies

Gattaca preview
112 min.
Mr. Nice Guy preview
88 min.
Picture Perfect preview
105 min.
Wild America preview
106 min.

'C+' Movies

Jungle 2 Jungle preview
105 min.
McHale's Navy preview
109 min.
Out to Sea preview
109 min.
The Peacemaker preview
123 min.
Private Parts preview
104 min.

'C' Movies

Anastasia preview
94 min.
The Devil's Own preview
107 min.
Father's Day preview
98 min.
Playing God preview
94 min.
The Saint preview
116 min.
Volcano preview
102 min.

'C-' Movies

Spawn preview
87 min.

'D+' Movies

Anaconda preview
89 min.
Excess Baggage preview
101 min.
Metro preview
121 min.
The Postman preview
205 min.
Switchback preview
118 min.

'D' Movies

Mimic preview
105 min.

'D-' Movies

Batman and Robin preview
125 min.
Flubber preview
93 min.
Steel preview
97 min.

'F' Movies

Fire Down Below preview
105 min.