The Best and Worst Movies of 2016

'A' Movies

Lion preview
120 min.

'A-' Movies

Amanda Knox preview
92 min.

'B+' Movies

The Innocents preview
115 min.
Train to Busan preview
118 min.

'B' Movies

Imperium preview
108 min.
The Violators preview
97 min.
The Wailing preview
156 min.

'B-' Movies

Mekko preview
87 min.
Rainbow Time preview
91 min.
A War preview
115 min.
Warehoused preview
90 min.

'C+' Movies

11:55 preview
80 min.
The Love Witch preview
120 min.

'C' Movies

'C-' Movies

Paralytic preview
87 min.

'D+' Movies

'D' Movies

'D-' Movies

'F' Movies