Ben Affleck Movies

Here is a partial list of Ben Affleck movies. This list may not include all of Ben Affleck's movies. Why? Our database only goes back to 1995. Lame, we know.
Gigli preview
124 min.
Paycheck preview
110 min.
Daredevil preview
97 min.
The Sum of All Fears preview
124 min.
Changing Lanes preview
99 min.
Pearl Harbor preview
183 min.
Reindeer Games preview
104 min.
Boiler Room preview
120 min.
Bounce preview
106 min.
200 Cigarettes preview
101 min.
Forces of Nature preview
102 min.
Dogma preview
130 min.
Phantoms preview
94 min.
Armageddon preview
144 min.
Good Will Hunting preview
126 min.
Chasing Amy preview
113 min.
Mallrats preview
94 min.
Dazed and Confused preview
103 min.