Bruce Willis Movies

Here is a partial list of Bruce Willis movies. This list may not include all of Bruce Willis's movies. Why? Our database only goes back to 1995. Lame, we know.
Tears of the Sun preview
118 min.
Hart's War preview
125 min.
Bandits preview
122 min.
Unbreakable preview
103 min.
The Whole Nine Yards preview
129 min.
The Kid preview
104 min.
Breakfast of Champions preview
110 min.
The Sixth Sense preview
114 min.
The Story of Us preview
95 min.
Mercury Rising preview
108 min.
Armageddon preview
144 min.
The Siege preview
115 min.
The Fifth Element preview
117 min.
The Jackal preview
124 min.
Last Man Standing preview
101 min.
Die Hard with a Vengeance preview
128 min.
12 Monkeys preview
129 min.
Four Rooms preview
98 min.
Pulp Fiction preview
154 min.
Die Hard 2: Die Harder preview
111 min.
Die Hard preview
111 min.