The Best and Worst Movies of 1996

'A+' Movies

A Time to Kill preview
149 min.

'A' Movies

Happy Gilmore preview
92 min.
Mary Reilly preview
108 min.
Primal Fear preview
129 min.
Ransom preview
117 min.
Scream preview
111 min.
Space Jam preview
81 min.
Spy Hard preview
81 min.
Tin Cup preview
135 min.

'A-' Movies

The Craft preview
101 min.
The Frighteners preview
106 min.
Independence Day preview
142 min.
The Rock preview
135 min.
Trainspotting preview
94 min.

'B+' Movies

Alaska preview
109 min.
The Arrival preview
115 min.
Broken Arrow preview
108 min.
Extreme Measures preview
118 min.
Fargo preview
98 min.
Jerry Maguire preview
138 min.
The Juror preview
118 min.
Phenomenon preview
123 min.
Sgt. Bilko preview
93 min.
Sleepers preview
147 min.
Sling Blade preview
135 min.
The Stupids preview
94 min.
Twister preview
113 min.

'B' Movies

Dragonheart preview
103 min.
Matilda preview
93 min.
Screamers preview
108 min.
Swingers preview
96 min.

'B-' Movies

In Love and War preview
115 min.
Striptease preview
117 min.

'C+' Movies

The Birdcage preview
117 min.
Chain Reaction preview
106 min.
The Crucible preview
124 min.
Kingpin preview
113 min.
Maximum Risk preview
126 min.
The Phantom preview
100 min.

'C' Movies

Black Mask preview
90 min.
The Cable Guy preview
91 min.
Multiplicity preview
110 min.
Supercop preview
95 min.

'C-' Movies

The Associate preview
114 min.
Eraser preview
115 min.
Jack preview
109 min.

'D+' Movies

Daylight preview
115 min.

'D' Movies

First Kid preview
101 min.
Mars Attacks! preview
106 min.

'D-' Movies

The Fan preview
116 min.

'F' Movies