The Best and Worst Movies of 1999

'A+' Movies

American Beauty preview
118 min.
Notting Hill preview
124 min.
The Wood preview
106 min.

'A' Movies

American Pie preview
123 min.
Arlington Road preview
119 min.
Deep Blue Sea preview
100 min.
End of Days preview
121 min.
Galaxy Quest preview
102 min.
The Green Mile preview
180 min.
The Hurricane preview
146 min.
The Insider preview
157 min.
Lost & Found preview
95 min.
The Matrix preview
136 min.
Run Lola Run preview
81 min.
The Sixth Sense preview
114 min.
Sunshine preview
180 min.
Tarzan preview
88 min.
Toy Story 2 preview
85 min.

'A-' Movies

Election preview
103 min.
Hideous Kinky preview
98 min.
In Dreams preview
98 min.
The Iron Giant preview
86 min.
Limbo preview
126 min.
Mystery, Alaska preview
118 min.
October Sky preview
108 min.
The Red Violin preview
131 min.
Sleepy Hollow preview
105 min.
Stir of Echoes preview
94 min.
Three Kings preview
114 min.
Varsity Blues preview
104 min.

'B+' Movies

Analyze This preview
103 min.
Angela's Ashes preview
145 min.
Cradle Will Rock preview
109 min.
Fight Club preview
139 min.
Light It Up preview
99 min.
Man on the Moon preview
118 min.
Mickey Blue Eyes preview
102 min.
Office Space preview
89 min.
Stigmata preview
102 min.

'B' Movies

At First Sight preview
124 min.
The Best Man preview
140 min.
Big Daddy preview
95 min.
Dogma preview
130 min.
Drive Me Crazy preview
100 min.
Entrapment preview
113 min.
Eyes Wide Shut preview
159 min.
Go preview
100 min.
Magnolia preview
190 min.
The Mummy preview
91 min.
Pushing Tin preview
124 min.
Runaway Bride preview
116 min.
Stuart Little preview
92 min.
eXistenZ preview
97 min.
edTV preview
122 min.

'B-' Movies

Dick preview
94 min.
SLC Punk preview
97 min.
True Crime preview
127 min.

'C+' Movies

The 13th Warrior preview
103 min.
Any Given Sunday preview
162 min.
Blue Streak preview
93 min.
Bowfinger preview
107 min.
Boys Don't Cry preview
118 min.
The Corruptor preview
110 min.
Double Jeopardy preview
104 min.
Instinct preview
124 min.
Lake Placid preview
80 min.
Onegin preview
106 min.
Summer of Sam preview
142 min.
Three to Tango preview
98 min.
Topsy-Turvy preview
160 min.

'C' Movies

In Too Deep preview
129 min.
Life preview
108 min.
The Limey preview
90 min.
Mumford preview
96 min.
Mystery Men preview
121 min.
Payback preview
110 min.
Random Hearts preview
129 min.
Ravenous preview
100 min.
Virus preview
99 min.

'C-' Movies

'D+' Movies

The Haunting preview
117 min.
The Mod Squad preview
94 min.
Wild Wild West preview
107 min.

'D' Movies

8mm preview
123 min.
Gorgeous preview
99 min.
Holy Smoke preview
115 min.
Wing Commander preview
100 min.

'D-' Movies

Forces of Nature preview
102 min.
Idle Hands preview
92 min.

'F' Movies

Titus preview
162 min.