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FilmJabber is an independent site made for the sole purpose of supplying content to our visitors. We do not sell any products on this site, and only collect information such as email addresses, addresses and phone numbers if you become a member. You do not need to provide a mailing address to be a member, unless you want to participate in giveaways.

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  • For each visitor to our Web page, our Web server automatically recognizes no information regarding the domain or e-mail address.
  • We collect no information on consumers who browse our Web page.
  • We collect information of those who submit such information for contests and giveaways; however, all information is used for internal statistical analysis only and is in no way given to third parties under any condition or as stated on the contest page. If you win a contest, your contact information may be provided to the participating movie studio or advertising agency to deliver your prize; however, these companies never use this information for spam purposes.
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  • The information we do collect is used for internal review and is stored for the convenience of the individual member, and is not shared with other organizations for commercial purposes

Information Sharing

  • We do not share any information with other websites. Any information submitted to us (typically via email suggestions) are not disclosed to third parties.
  • Visitors may write comments or reviews about movies; these writings do not reflect the view of
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